Music is a theif in the night that leaves behind milk and cookies

Music does a pretty good job at ripping us off while making our lives rich.   No matter our financial status, we will shell out endless amounts out cash for concerts, iTunes tracks, CDs, vinyl, instruments, singing/music lessons, MP3 players, song ringtones, band merchandise, and music collector’s items.  We will spend countless hours surfing the web for blogs, videos, free downloads, pictures, and tour information on our favorite bands.  We will exhaust every drop of gas in the tank to make it across the country to experience the energy of a live show.  Why, you ask?  Because music makes us feel good.  It’s a drug, and we are all addicts when we find the right concoction.  We are medicated and motivated by music because it enriches our everyday experiences.  When we are having a bad day, we play songs that will get us out of a rut.  When we are missing a lost friend, we play songs that remind us of better times.  When we are having a great day, we throw on our favorite playlist, crank up the volume, and dance like no one is looking.  THAT is the power of music, and that is what will shape the content of this blog…concert updates, album reviews, favorite playlists, etc.   Stay tuned (pun intended)!

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