April’s Music Mindblower

Angel in Sequins

For the second time, I have had the pleasure of seeing Grace Potter and the Nocturnals open up for The Avett Brothers.  And, for the second time I was completely blown away, so much so that I forgot that I was at an Avett Brothers’ concert (and that is a difficult thing to do!).  The best way to describe Grace Potter is that she has the voice of a modern day Janis Joplin that can hit notes Mariah hasn’t even thought of, the moves of a modern day Tina Turner fully equipped with long legs and short skirts, and the beauty of Heidi Klum.  While all of that paints a pretty picture, her sex appeal is all her own, and trust me, she owns it!  When she performs, everyone pays attention…men feel like teenage boys and women think about switching teams, even if only for an instant.  To top it off, the Nocturnals is a kick-ass band that backs her up and makes the overall experience even better.  She wont be opening up for bands for much longer, so if you have a chance to see this vixen live, do it and do it soon.  You wont regret it.  To get a taste of what her live shows are all about, you can download the Charlotte show I was at for free!  Enjoy 🙂

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