Langhorne Slim and The Law – The Way We Move

Langhorne Slim and The Law

With the introduction of websites like PledgeMusic, musicians now have a way to help cover the costs of making an album.  The process is easy–fans pledge a certain amount of money to help fund the album in exchange for some type of band memorabilia or experience.  This new music business model  directly incorporates the fan into the album making process, thus spawning a symbiotic relationship between musician and fan.

Last year, Langhorne Slim and The Law decided to turn to their fans for help with their next project.  This move seemed more than appropriate for a band that has been known to break into jam sessions after shows and who’s lead singer often invites fans on stage while he performs.  Slim and The Law have been making direct connections with their fans for years, so when the fans were given the opportunity to pay it back with the PledgeMusic campaign, they didn’t shy away.  Over 450 fan pledges were made and the guys responded kindly with a brilliant new album, The Way We Move, which will be officially released by Ramseur Records on June 5th.  The overwhelming fan response through PledgeMusic exceeded the band’s original goal by over 50%–a striking testament to the quality of their craft and character.

Interestingly, I’ve discovered that Slim’s music doesn’t always ‘hook’ the listener until he/she sees him perform live, which is where he shines the brightest.  Whether on stage solo or with his band, Slim is able to use his powerful bluesy rasp and jovial, heartfelt lyrics to project straight into your soul with ease.   However, on his previous EPs and albums, this quality was somewhat lost in translation.  Fortunately, all 14-tracks on The Way We Move capture Slim and The Law’s live spirit and energy better than any other previous studio recordings.

This is the album you should play for the non-believers who just can’t seem to get on board the Langhorne Slim Express.  The upbeat, joyful title track alone is enough reason to pick up the album in its entirety.  Just try to play that song and sit still.  Impossible.  In between raucous tracks, Slim finds moments on the album to slows things down.   Among the slower tracks, Salvation evokes the fear of moving on with lyrics like I want to hold you but my hands are cold/I meant to catch you but I moved too slow/I hate to leave, but it’s time to go, while Coffee Cups chronicles the emotions that come with life on the road.  Well known as a hopeful romantic, Slim reveals his doubts and desires in love on several tracks including On the Attack and Someday.  Slim’s band–The Law–provides a menagerie of beautiful supporting sounds including banjo/keys (David Moore), drums (Malachi DeLorenzo), and upright bass (Jeff Ratner), as well as back-up vocals/yells on tracks like Found my Heart and Two Crooked Hearts.  The album closes with Past Lives, a crowd favorite at live shows that often involves Slim walking out into the audience to rub sweaty shoulders with his biggest supporters.  Perhaps this was the band’s way of ending the album with a big “Thank You” to all of the folks who helped turn a dream into a reality.  It couldn’t have happened to a nicer band.

Check out the video for their title track, The Way We Move:

Nothing beats a live Langhorne Slim and The Law show, so check out their website for tour dates, and pre-order their new album, too.

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